Good Friday and Easter

March 13, 2012 in Minister's Message

Justice must be served. I confess that there is some glee in me when a criminal is being charged and convicted. I thoroughly dislike it when the police have done all their time-consuming hard work and through some freak of circumstances the judge declares that the offender is not guilty and the victim is —. So it is with much appreciation when justice prevails. The convict did not get away with his crime. Crime does not pay. Good for the judge, good for the legal system and good for the country. Good!

Having said this I wondered why they call Good Friday “Good” when the eternal Son of the Almighty God was crucified on a cross? He was not a criminal, was He? No, Jesus is perfect. Then, why, for what reason was He tried, convicted and crucified? Was He a victim of incompetent justice?

To get to the answer just ask yourself the question, Why is there so much trouble, hatred, war, sickness, misunderstanding, death in this world? It is all based on a common ground, the evil that is found within all of us. How did it get there? Difficult question. How do we get rid of it? Even more difficult. Evil is a eternal debt we owe God. How can we pay that debt? All throughout history people have offered sacrifices to their gods to try to pay their debt to be declared right, not guilty with their gods. It did not work. We can not pay an eternal debt with an eternal death. I will never see life again.

Here now comes the answer. God decided that his eternal perfect Son should become a man and as a man pay our debt. And so Jesus was tried for our evil. He was convicted for our sin. And He was crucified to pay our eternal debt, death. BUT in Jesus God conquered death for whoever believes, for whoever believes in Him shall not see eternal death. That is good news. That is Good Friday. Consequently, on Easter we celebrate that this man Jesus as God rose victoriously from the grave. Justice is served. Let the good news of Good Friday fill your life with hope, purpose, joy and laughter. Jesus paid. Jesus gives eternal life. Have a Good Friday!