Gift Of Pentecost

May 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

WEB Pentecost, 2012.

God gives and forgives. And that is at a dear price. Both giving and forgiving is not cheap. God gives Life, eternal life. Indeed, Christianity is a religion of life. How can we live? God gives life, eternal life to whomever He pleases.

To make our life possible He gives gifts, talents, opportunities and possibilities to discover things in His wonderful creation in as many fields of science as you can think of. Now you can explain and tell of these discoveries through languages, words. It is therefore that many sciences end in logy, from the word logos, which means word, such as technology, words about technical things, zoology words about animals, theology, words about God or just the word logical.

Nowadays you can type in a paragraph or two in, say the English language and get it translated through Google into German. Not only that. The program will read it to you audibly. You can hear what you write. Just wonderful. The danger of course is that the translation may not be correct.

What is fascinating is that the Bible says that in the beginning there was the Word, that the Word was with God and that the Word is God and through Him all things were created.

I used many years to learn a number of languages. There is a fellow in England who can pick up languages in a few weeks and change his speech from one language into another as if you were cutting cheese. Amazing.

People were equally amazed when they heard unlearned fisherman from the other side of the railroad track speak different language, 16 of them and they had not gone to school. How do you figure that one?

This happened many years ago with Pentecost when God gave Life to the church in the form of His Holy Spirit. I ask myself, Why does God give us words to speak and read, why does God allow us to make discoveries, why have we received talents and gifts? In other words, how do we live? Why do we live? What is the purpose of it all?

The story of Pentecost gives the answer, to declare the wonders of God in our own language. The wonder of it all is that when we turn to Jesus and do His Will than we too will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit who gives us faith to believe in the death and resurrection Jesus and who forgives us whatever wrongs we did and said. It is true God gives and forgives. Just wonderful. Amazing.

Dear God, Father of Jesus, we thank you for giving us your Holy Spirit to believe your word that Jesus died for sinners and that He rose again to give us eternal life so that today we have a real purpose to live for. Thank You for life and all its wonders. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

Submitted by retired pastor deJong, a retired CRC pastor. He resides in the Aylmer area and attend church on the Aylmer Christian Reformed Church.