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Please click on this invitation link https://www.rightnowmedia.org/Account/Invite/AylmerReformed to access all of the family friendly and educational materials posted at RightNow Media. Don’t be afraid to explore the many Christian videos for children or family viewing as well as many instructional videos for numerous topics as well as Bible studies on various topics and books of the bible-and many more listed in the library list down the left side of the home page.

Here are a few ways to continue to meet with your church groups remotely while in-person meetings may be canceled due to health concerns or other reasons.

Your study groups may not be meeting in person during this time but you can suggest they meet virtually.
There are multiple free video conferencing options that groups can use to meet such as Zoom Meetings, Google Hangouts, and Skype. These platforms enable screen sharing, meaning one person can share their screen while the study is playing and the group can still watch together with discussion to follow.
Alternatively, you can ask the group members to watch on their own beforehand and then use video conferencing, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger as a platform for your group discussions.

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