Part-time Worship Director position

Aylmer CRC in Southwestern Ontario, Canada is seeking a part-time Worship Director. The ideal candidate is a deeply committed follower of Jesus Christ with musical gifts and experience in leading worship. This person will plan, organize, and actively lead the worship ministry, together with volunteers.

This job may be applied for individually or in combination with the Youth Director position.

Housing assistance is available if needed.  A full job description can be found below.

Resumes should be submitted to:

Worship Director Job Description

The Worship Director will work closely with the Worship Committee.

The Worship Director is responsible for planning and coordinating the worship ministry of the church with particular emphasis on liturgy and music.

The Worship Director will work closely with the pastor/guest pastor to develop services that support and enhance the message of the day, as well as supporting the church calendar.

The Worship Director will offer servant leadership in the music ministry of the church, focusing initially on the weekly vocal music teams.

The Worship Director will foster the development of ensemble groups, choirs and youth and/or adult instrumental groups.

The Worship Director will encourage the use within worship of the artistic gifts (music, writing, vocal & instrumental, design, etc.) of individual members of the community.

The Worship Director’s responsibilities may but do not necessarily include such tasks as piano/organ accompaniment, choir director, instrumental director or vocalist. However, the Worship Director must have a significant understanding of worship, music & liturgy in order to supervise and direct the ministry of the church in these areas.

The Worship Director will work with the audio/tech team as needed.

The Worship Director will connect with special guests (special music, missionaries, guest pastors, ministry leaders, etc) by creatively incorporating them into the worship service.

The Worship Director will engage all ages in the various aspects of worship, and encourage participation of all members.

Characteristics of the Worship Director:

The Worship Director should be fully devoted to God and to the church of Jesus Christ and be committed to expressing that devotion through heart-felt worship consistent with the Evangelical and Reformed world and life view. The expectation is that this person will attend the Aylmer CRC.

The Worship Director will be creative, visionary and flexible.

The Worship Director will have spiritual gifts in the areas of shepherding, community building, encouragement, faith and humility. He or she should be gifted in people management skills, a good listener, motivational and willing to work as a team player.

The successful candidate will work 10-15 hrs/week at an annual salary of $12,500-15,000, depending on qualifications.



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