celebrating 75 years!

History of Aylmer CRC

The life of a church is the story of God working with people in a particular time and place. For Aylmer CRC, that began with 5 families from Reformed Churches in Holland who emigrated after WWII.

April 1948 – 5 families worshipped in the basement of the United Church in Aylmer.

May 29, 1949 – Aylmer CRC was officially instituted while meeting in the basement of the Aylmer Baptist Church.   As the membership grew, they met in the Aylmer Town Hall. 

A special congregational meeting was held on November 6, 1949 to decide on purchasing a suitable building lot.  The building committee had obtained an option to purchase eight lots on the corner of Caverly Road and South Street (our present property) for $2,000.  These lots were measured and also the Baptist Church property for comparison and to make sure this would be large enough to build a new church and school, and for possible expansion in the future.  It was moved to take up the option to purchase these lots.  A majority accepted this with 18 votes in favour.  The building fund was at $803.86, the school fund was at $325.57, and the church itself had $485.26, for a total of $1,614.69.  There were no objections to using the school funds and to have a special offering to collect the balance. 

1950 – Our first church, a white clapboard structure measuring 74’ by 34’, was built at a cost of $24,000.  In addition to planning a new church facility, many members were also involved in building a Christian School.  It was quite a financial load at the time, but it was blessed!  In 1954, Immanuel Christian School was established, serving as a wonderful witness in the community.

May 1951 – Every other service is in the English language.  They alternated between morning and afternoon services.  Sometime in 1963 one Sunday every month was done completely in English.   In 1974 one Dutch service was held every month in the afternoon and in July 1983 no more regular Dutch services were held.

1952 – due to increasing numbers and geography, we generated two churches, Free Reformed and Christian Reformed in St. Thomas. 

1968 – our present building was built next to the original church.                   

1977 – as we continued to flourish, a number of members formed a daughter church in Tillsonburg.

1991 – several families leave our church to form the Bethel United Reformed Church in Aylmer.

1994 – a large addition on the south side of the building gave our congregation much needed expansion for its many clubs and activities.

Dedicated ministers have served us over this time span:

  • John Gritter (1948-1951)
  • Joseph VandeKieft (1951-1958)
  • John Koopmans (1958-1961)
  • Carl D. Tuyl (1962-1966)
  • Christian C. Spoor (1967-1973)
  • William Renkema (1974-1979)
  • Henry J. Boekoven (1980-1990)
  • Richard A. Wynia (1987-1991)
  • John D. Hellinga (1994-2000)
  • Louis Bosma (1996-present)
  • Richard J. deLange (2000-2010)
  • Dirk Miedema (2011-2019)
  • Andrew de Gelder (2022-present)
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