Friendship Ministries is a not-for-profit organization that exists to help churches and organizations around the world share God’s love with people who have intellectual disabilities.
Aylmer Friendship Group meets Tuesday evenings from 7:00 p.m. until 8:00 the Aylmer Christian Reformed Church.

There is an average of 22 members along with an average of 14 mentors or helpers.
We start our new year in September at Clovermead Adventure Farm! That is when we see each other for the first time since we closed our season in late April.

We begin every evening singing the songs chosen by the members. Then we have a time of prayer requests. There are always concerns for friends, family, world issues and even for pets. We continue our evening with a Bible lesson based on topics from leader’s guides from the Friendship Ministries. Very often the lesson will be presented in the form of a skit in which the members take part, costumes and all. They enjoy learning in that fashion.

Once a month we have a party celebrating the birthdays of that month. Usually this includes games or sometimes entertainment will be brought in. Then we snack, healthy snacks, of course. We have a wonderful time of fellowship those evenings.

Every year we present a Christmas Program in the Aylmer CRC sanctuary for friends, family, and the whole congregation. This time of celebration is one of the highlights of our year.

In April we take part in the Friendship Sunday Service.

We close the year with a Pizza evening. Again there is singing, and prayer time. Usually we have a game or two that evening.

Contact person:  Alaine Helder 519-765-2623

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