Catechism Instruction

For grades 7-12 (Classes meet every Tuesday evening from 7:00pm to 7:45pm; end of September – April). While resource materials vary, dependent on the age group, all of them are a natural progression from Sunday School and intentionally seek to guide the student in understanding the deeper issues of their faith walk with Jesus, encouraging them to grow in their personal relationship with him and make that lifelong commitment of service to him.
For more information contact Pastor Bosma.



This exciting, “hands on” program is specifically designed to help high school aged students learn to share Christian compassion through service projects to those in areas of need, often the inner cities of North and Central America. During their one week stay, students will be involved in projects such as home repairs, painting, yard work, working in thrift stores and food banks (at times serving food to the homeless), helping out with seniors, individuals with disabilities as well as kids in day camps. Aylmer CRC has had a long history of being actively involved with SERVE.

GIVE: one week of your time

GAIN: spiritual challenge, friends from all over North America, fun and memories for a lifetime!

Contact Pastor Bosma for more information.


Teen Club

Teen Club – A program for youth in grade 8. Contact Rose Saarloos for more information.

Youth Group

Challenging lessons, group chats, small group time, crazy games, service projects, S.W.A.T., sports, Tim Horton’s outings, Bingo with our Bingo Buddies, plain old “hang outs” and fun recreational adventures are just some of the things our energetic teens from grade 9 – 12 do at Youth Group. Contact Jenn Mantel or Nichola deDreu at for more info. Our meetings are usually one Wednesday evening a month through most of the school year, 7:30-9:15pm….sometimes it changes depending on our special events so keep yourself posted!


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